A general adult French course for all levels. A flexible and diversified offer, available all year round.


  • Achieve a written and spoken fluency of the French language
  • Discovering elements of French and French-speaking culture and civilization

French courses in small classes

A varied and flexible offer of courses to suit your needs

Program summary

  • Learning French through language modules including: activities and comprehension strategies; work on vocabulary, communication and grammar
  • Learning and practice of phonetics
  • Introduction to French culture

Whatever your goal is, studying in France, visiting a French-speaking area or for your pleasure, these courses will allow you to realise it.

useful information

All levels
(A1 to C2)


Between 2.5 and 5 hours per week


Between 4 and 12 pupils

Number per group

9 weeks


45 hours / 9  weeks / 5 hours weekly

22.5 hours / 9 weeks / 2.5 hours every saturday

315 BD for 45 hours (books included) / 180 BD for Saturdays ( books included)

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