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Read the short story of Bruno Lemoine translated from French by Colin Keaveney

The Alliance française of Bahrain is proud to share with you the short story written by Bruno Lemoine in the framework of the Ar Xudi project, initiated by the Alliance française of Querétaro.

The purpose of this editorial project was to bring together 6 Alliances françaises and 6 writers, around a collection of short stories to think about a probable future, to nourish our imaginations.

The short story Loving 2, supported by Saïd Nourine, director of the Alliance française of Bahrain, invites us into a world far away, 4000 years later. This short story of anticipation based on the model of mythology invites us to question ourselves about our customs, our culture, and our capacity to love.

We would like to thank Bruno Lemoine for his participation and the Alliance française of Queretaro for their initiative.

Ar Xudi, news of a probable future

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About Bruno Lemoine :

He began his entry into the world of work by setting up rides at fairgrounds. He is currently a teacher. He has given courses in French as a foreign language in Burgundy, Saône-et-Loire, and Paris. His work in literature focuses on the notion of heteronomy dear to the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. Bruno Lemoine is a “multiple names” whose biography changes according to publications. He is currently writing non-fiction about the American artist and “multiple names” Emmett GROGAN.


  • Matachine ou le lecteur enchaîné (al dante, 2006)
  • L’après-journal Nijinski (al dante, 2008)


  • “L’homme approximatif” (book + film with François Dominique – al dante – 2014)


  • Revue Nioques, Action poétique, Le bout des bordes, Ouste, Doc(k)s…
  • Production of the magazine The Black List : url. https://www.theblaklist.fr/
  • Revue Doc(k)s : url.https://www.akenaton-docks.fr/DOCKS-datas_f/collect_f/auteurs_f/L_f/LEMOINE_f/Lemoine.html

Radio play

  • Station 11 (Arte Radio)

Articles on philosophy, art and literature

  • Revue Art Inter (Québec) and La Revue des Ressources

Blog : W-imaginary – url. https://v-imaginaire.blogspot.com/

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