1/ An international Language

French is the only language, apart from English, present on all 5 continents. Here are a few figures: 88 state members of the Francophonie, 300 million speakers and, 51 million learners.



2/ A language to find a job

The world today is multilingual. Speaking French is a plus to help increase your chances in the job market, in France as well as in the other French speaking countries (Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and various countries on the African continent).

3/ A language to study at the best universities

Speaking French gives you the opportunity of studying in prestigious schools and universities.

4/ A language to travel

With 85 million tourists per year, France is the most visited country in the world. It is so much more pleasant to travel to a place when you know its language and culture! Discover France but also French-speaking countries such as Senegal, Switzerland, Monaco, Canada, Seychelles…

5/ A language with a rich heritage and culture

Knowing French gives you  privileged access to a whole universe of creation: great texts of French and Francophone literature, contemporary arts, cinema, music,…

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