A general French course for all levels. A flexible and varied offer, available all year long. Topics adapted to a teenage audience.


  • Achieve a written and oral mastery of the French language
  • Practise the French language actively in various fields (public, personal, educational).
  • Discovering elements of French and French-speaking culture and civilization
  • French courses in small groups
  • A varied and flexible range of courses to suit your needs
  • Topics consistent with the student’s age

Program summary

  • Learning French through language modules including: activities and comprehension strategies; work on vocabulary, communication and grammar
  • Learning and practice of phonetics
  • Introduction to French culture

Give your children an additional asset and an opening to the world: a key to their future success !

useful information

A1 to C2


Between 2 and 4 hours per week


Between 4 and 12 pupils

Number per group

2 month session


14 hours / 7 weeks / 2 hours per day

80 BHD

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